Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flavoured olive oil

This is a simple, cheap(er) kind of olive oil. Nothing really special about
the oil itself. So... We decided to give the insignificant and common olive
oil some personality. How? Well, our herb garden served as inspiration. We
added some of our fresh sage, oregano and French thyme. To complement the
herb flavours, we decided to add some Szechuan chillies and peppercorn.

Churrasco in chimichurri sauce with roasted potatoes and mustard greens

This is a classic Argentinean way of having a "churrasco a la plancha"
(iron-grilled steak). The steak is covered in our version of chimichurri
sauce which adds tanginess to the beed. In order to enjoy the flavours of
this churrasco, we decided to make something very simple to go on the side.
All our vegetables used as from our CSA farm. The potatoes are roasted in
the oven with olive oil, Spanish paprika, dried oregano, Kosher salt and
freshly ground pepper. We cooked the mustard greens with corn, adding a
touch of butter and anchovies. Anchovies have such a bad reputation and it
is really sad that this is the case. They add another dimension of flavours
and we are starting to suspect that if people using in more creative ways,
anchovies would be a great addition to so many dishes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Olive and roasted bell peppers fugasse


Turkey breast with asparagus


Let them eat brioche!

Well, if this isn't a good way to start the day! We ordered these beautiful brioche pans from a food supplies catalogue and we were so excited to try these fantastic brioche a tete that we saw in Paris.

Friday, May 15, 2009


We are enjoying our Artisan Bread book so much that we couldn't wait to try
this recipe for Pita.

Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day was the perfect occasion to try a new recipe for French
brioche. The result was amazing when combined with Nutella and fresh


This cake is cooked in banana leaf, another classic from the Philippines.


Puto is a steamed cake, a classic from the Philippines.

Pizza time!

We were both inspired by the arrival of new vegetable at the farmers market
and we thought they would go great in a homemade pizza. The first pizza had
roasted vegetables and Spanish anchovies. The second one is a combination of
tomatoes and rocket (arugula).